Since Connecticut’s founding as a colony, our state has led innovation in government, culture, industry and education. From our nation’s first law school to the first academy in New England for African-American women, and the American School for the Deaf, Connecticut champions to expand access to education and has historically been a source of pride and leadership.

In our neighborhoods and as a statewide community, we realize the importance of strengthening education systems so that they provide the excellent education necessary for all citizens to have a chance at academic and life success, that will in turn, contribute to Connecticut’s legacy as a place of prosperity.

Still in 2014, Connecticut continued to show the largest gaps in the nation between educational achievement of low-income students and their more affluent peers, as well as between African-American and Latino students, and their white peers indicating that we are not delivering on our promise to prepare all of our students for educational life and success.



Pursue Equity: We work to change practices, structures, and policies to realize educational equity for all children. As we do so, we actively examine our roles in perpetuating inequitable systems.

Strengthen Community: We assume responsibility for our collective strength by developing relationships, building diverse and inclusive coalitions, and challenging one another to be our best. We act with empathy and extend grace to ourselves and others.

Achieve Impact: We pursue ambitious, meaningful outcomes that lead to access and opportunity for all children. We hold ourselves to high standards, make data-informed decisions, and orient to long-term success.

Choose Courage: We act on our beliefs and values, especially when it’s hard. We center our efforts on the aspirations of our students and their families.

Act with Humility: We acknowledge the limitations of our perspectives. We seek different points of view and historical context to evolve our thinking and inform our actions.

Demonstrate Resilience: We see every challenge as an opportunity to think expansively about solutions. When faced with obstacles, we deepen our resolve, adapt and persist with optimism.



    Many parents, members of the faith-based community, non-profit organizations, and schools in Connecticut have recognized injustice of educational inequity and are committed to addressing it in significant ways. These dedicated community members have been and continue to be integral to our commitment to the communities of Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.

    At Teach for America – Connecticut, we recruit, train and develop college graduates and career-changing professional as one additional source of teaching talent in public schools.

    Over time our alumni will help contribute long-term leadership capacity in classrooms, throughout the district and in sectors that address challenges in under-resourced schools and communities. Read more about our Alumni work.

    Today a growing number of examples are proving that when students’ needs are supported and they are held to high expectations, all students have the potential for success. In schools and community programs in our cities, kids from all backgrounds are getting on the path to college and life success.

    In our communities, we seek to help lead and build tremendous urgency to ensure that these examples are no longer the exception, but the rule.