Welcome Back, !


You are joining a movement of committed educators, students, parents, and partners – we are thrilled to have you join us.

As you transition to becoming a corps member over the course of the next few months, we have developed a series of learning experiences for you we like to call onboarding! Onboarding aims to do two things: 1) Ensure that you are on track to becoming a certified teacher here in Connecticut and understand the certification landscape and requirements here, and 2) develop our understanding of what it will mean to be a teacher-leader in a movement to end educational inequity by exploring why educational inequity persists in our state and country and what we believe is required of us individually and collectively as a group to dismantle it click here.

You’ll engage along the way with various learning experiences, grouped into six “units”, before arriving for Induction in Connecticut in June. This Hub aims to give you access to important information you will need for your onboarding.


To the right are several tabs. The Onboarding Units that you will be completing over the next several months are housed in the “Your Onboarding” tab. Each unit has its own tab with more information about that specific unit. You will work through the units at your own pace, knowing that all work must be completed prior to your arrival in Connecticut.

There are also several tabs for specific information – a tab for certification where you can find all information related to testing and certification assignments, a tab for hiring where you can access materials and resources about getting hired, and so forth. Part of Unit 1 is reviewing the hub in its entirety!

If you have questions, please be sure to reach out to Kim at kimberly.cho@teachforamerica.org.