Monitoring Your Progress

There are many moving pieces to your spring onboarding. In order to help you keep track of your progress we have created two useful tools.

The first is our Module Tracker. When you completed your Module 1 Post-Survey you were asked to create your unique username by using your the name of the street you grew up on and your favorite teacher’s last name. You will use this name to track your own progress on completing onboarding work and certification requirements. The sheet has been organized by unit. Some of the work you may already have started and finished! As you complete various tasks or learning experiences, mark them as complete in the tracker. Don’t see your name on the sheet? Be sure you have taken the survey and Kim will update it ASAP.

The second tool is optional to use and is a checklist you can use to keep track of what you need to complete in each unit. It can be helpful to print this and calendar out when you will complete what assignments based on your unique schedule.